Welcome to my site where I show my photos. 
I am 45 years old, based in Denmark and avid photographer, traveler and street food enthusiast.
My site is a showcase of some of the work, some of the places and some of the things I enjoy. I am very humble about my photography. 
I was very much in doubt on how to organize my site - and if I should have a website at all. Many people ask: "Do you have a website?" - and I feel that when I take pictures of people, many would like to see what else I take pictures of. This is a shaven down extract of some of all the pictures I take. It's not necessarily the best pictures I have taken but this is what I chose to share.
Make no mistake; I don't believe that my photography is a unique art. Some of it has too much contrast. Some of it is cliché. But I do it for my own enjoyment - and if someone else can also enjoy, so much better. 
I love traveling around the world and I am privileged that I have the opportunity to visit parts of the world that are not for everybody. In that sense, I am not unique - I prefer places off the beaten path ... just like everybody else. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 
All the best,